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If you are aspiring a career as a young professional, Lanka BPO Academy paves the way to follow your dreams.

If you are looking to get a globally recognized qualification at an affordable price then look no further. Being the only IT-BPO training & qualification provider in the country you have a distinct advantage when it comes to employment.

We are the only institute in the IT-BPO sector to be featured even on the Annual Report of Central Bank.

Our courses are specially designed to meet specific requirements in organizations.

Giving you a distinct advantage over others and making sure you have the highest success rate when it comes to your career

What Students' say

Dulmini Dharmapala
I chose the CISI at Lanka BPO Academy since I wanted to do something unique. I did a fair bit of research and found that the CISI qualification would be the best qualification that I should possess to have a financially rewarding career. Talking about my success I must say the excellent lecture program, together with the use of practical examples at Lanka BPO Academy, helped me to achieve the world’s number 1 position
Dulmini Dharmapala- World's No 1 from CISI exams - from Vishaka Vidyalaya
Aroshi Kalutharawithana
I work as a Financial Analyst for a leading company in finance. I could reach this position in such a short time since I started CISI graduate diploma program at Lanka BPO Acadmey.
Aroshi Kalutharawithana- Working as a Financial Analyst - from Sirimavo Balika Vidyalaya
Pubudu Wijewardana
I am pubudu from Rathnapura. My life took a different turn after A/Ls as my parents could not afford to invest in my professional education. I got to know about Lanka BPO Academy when I was roaming around not knowing what to do. I had no idea about my future either. But Lanka BPO Academy took me through a life changing experience guiding me to realize my full potential and showing me the right path to focus on, in terms of my prospective career. Right now I am working for a leading BPO called Ageis with a rewarding career and I am confident that you would also experience the same if you invest your time and energy in BPO certification.
Pubudu Wijewardana- Working at leading BPO company
Dinitha Maskorala (Isipathana College)
I came to LBA without wasting any time after my A/L & did Marketing & customer service. All my friends & I didn't have to worry about the results even to work for places like Dialog, Etisalat or even HSBC. All the skills needed to work for these companies like communication, leadership skills, IT & other skills were developed by LBA. So I would like to ask you to follow this program & work for the best companies in the world.
Dinitha Maskorala (Isipathana College)- Diploma in Marketing and Customer Service